Nature’s Healing Touch: Hemp-Infused Aromatherapy Blends

Hemp seed oil is a nutrient-rich oil that contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants, making it beneficial for therapeutic uses. Its Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids support brain function, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. The oil’s antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, protect the skin from free radicals. Hemp seed oil also contains anti-inflammatory phytosterols. Blending hemp seed oil with other natural oils enhances its therapeutic properties for various health conditions.

Our therapeutic Hemp seed oil blends offer natural remedies for migraines, relaxation, anxiety, sinus, and digestion. Consider specific conditions and choose oils accordingly. Cure By Design provides a convenient online platform in India to explore a variety of hemp seed oil blends for therapeutic purposes.

Cure By Design Therapeutic Aroma Blends
Cure By Design Benefits Of Hemp Infused Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils extracted from plants to promote health and well-being. Essential oils contain volatile aromatic compounds that produce distinct scents and have therapeutic properties when inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
To use aromatherapy, essential oils are diluted with a “carrier oil” before applying topically or using in aromatherapy diffusers. Hemp seed oil makes an excellent carrier oil choice due its light texture and high concentration of fatty acids. When blended with essential oils, hemp seed oil allows the aromatic compounds to be absorbed gently into the skin and respiratory system.
As a carrier oil, hemp seed oil has several advantages. Its neutral scent does not overpower the essential oils, letting their natural aromas shine through. It also moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy. The fatty acid content supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier. As an added bonus, hemp seed oil offers its own soothing benefits such as reducing inflammation and redness.
Aromatherapy blends using hemp seed oil can be used in several ways. Massage oils or creams made with essential oil blends promote relaxation and relieve sore muscles when rubbed into the skin. Room diffusers disperse uplifting or calming scents into the air. Scented candles and potpourri create an aromatic ambiance. Essential oil inhalers let you access aromatherapy benefits on the go.
Hemp seed oil is particularly well-suited as an aromatherapy carrier oil because its composition enhances essential oil absorption and skin compatibility. The result is a harmonious blend that safely and effectively delivers the therapeutic scents of aromatherapy through inhalation and topical application.

All of our blends are formulated using therapeutic-grade essential oils after extensive R&D with naturopathic doctors.
Hemp seed oil is used as the carrier due to its neutral scent, light texture and concentration of fatty acids that enhance absorption.
The fatty acids support the skin’s moisture barrier while moisturizing without greasiness.


Our Aromatherapy oils are formulated after months of R&D alongside naturopathy doctors.

Each Cure By Design’s aroma oils are designed to give a specific benefit ranging from anxiety to digestion. 

Hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils work by stimulating the olfactory system, triggering emotional and physiological responses in the body.

Yes, Cure By Desgn’s aromatherapy oils can help with stress

and anxiety due to their calming and soothing properties.

Hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils are generally safe for use, but individuals with allergies should perform a patch test before use.

Yes, hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils should be used topically 

Yes, Cure By Design’s PAIN AID which is CBD & hemp seed oil-based aromatherapy oil helps with pain relief 

No, hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils do not have psychoactive effects as they typically contain no or negligible THC.

Consult our healthcare professional before using hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Side effects with hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils are rare, but discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

Store hemp oil-based aromatherapy oils in a cool, dark place in their original packaging away from heat and sunlight to maintain their potency.

Cure By Design’s aroma oils are available on Cure By Desing’s Websites and select offline stores like Organic world.

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