Sleep Assisting

Sleep Assisting

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Sleeplessness can cause irritation all over the day! Dont ruin your day anymore, Sleep soulfully with the holistic healing solutions of Cure By Design, Made and Blended with Hemp Seed Oil, Bergamot Oil, Clary Sage Oil, and Frankincense Oil just let you sleep the right way!

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Bringing back the Healing History by introducing you to the blends that ruin your sleeplessness! Just use this blend and sleep fully, Dream fully! 

Going back to history, chemicals were never a part of life, it was all just the plants that cure any disease! The world has lost its essence since the time chemicals were a part of our lives. Struggling every minute to solve your issues that create stress and sleeplessness, Cure By Design serves you with the best alternative made by just blending all the valuable oils. 

Cure By Design’s Therapeutic Healing Blend for Sleep Assisting is 100% Plant-Based, Vegan, Sourced from the misty Himalayas, made with the hands of Indian farmers. Curated with every single element that grants you Better sleep every day! 

To grant you better Sleep, Cure By Design is here to guide you! 

Use these organic Healing Blends for better sleep instead of using chemically infused products. Our aroma oils have been specially blended to help bring balance into your life and heal your body, mind, and soul. 

When infused with the perfect Carrier Oil (Hemp Seed Oil), which is well known to have amazing skin benefits the combination is sensational.


Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 cm

10 ML, 30 ML

9 reviews for Sleep Assisting

  1. Dwain W. (verified owner)

    Relaxes the mind and induces sleep. Most try for those with mild cases of insomnia. 10/10

  2. Tarun A (verified owner)

    Brilliant substitute, which should be the mainstay in terms of medicine and medication that doesn’t want to do harm as opposed to good to one’s health. A barrage of benefits, which seems unfair in comparison to its chemical counterparts, which is a good thing 😄 I’m a user, and abuser of hemp for life. Thanks for making my life easier Cbd.in 😁🤙💯

  3. Lakshmi Narayan (verified owner)

    Using this product from day 1 had shown great improvements in sleep for me. Totally feeling fresh and energetic in the morning.

  4. Suresh Monteiro (verified owner)

  5. Ronit Shinoy

    I have been taking all sorts of homeopathy medicines for my acute insomnia, that were not showing as good results.
    This product has really worked wonders and has become my a part of my daily routine., i get longer and better sleep now.
    Danish really opened up my eye to a new kind of medicine called aromatherapy, will buy the entire set of blends soon

  6. Garima G. (verified owner)

  7. suresh monteiro (verified owner)

  8. Gayathri rajendran (verified owner)

  9. Kavitha G. (verified owner)

    This works so well for insomniacs like me!

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