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5 Advantages of Using Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin

5 Advantages of Using Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin

5 Advantages of Using Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin

India is seeing rapid growth in the market for hemp-based skincare products. 2019 saw a high
number of people switching to hemp-based products to minimize the long-term side-effects of
chemical products on the skin.
Hemp seed oil is preferred over other products as it is vegan and free from the harmful effects of

Hemp seed oil is known for its kaleidoscopic benefits both on the skin and on improving the
overall health of an individual.
Take a look at the eight major advantages of using hemp seed oil on your skin.
Moisturizes skin without clogging pores
The most impressive advantage of using hemp seed oil is that it can moisturize your skin without
clogging the pores.

Keeping your skin moisturized is essential, especially if you have usually drier skin. Dry skin
might lead to itching, inflammation and even skin infections.
But, keeping your skin moisturized should not come under the risk of being prone to acne. Acne
will result in cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads.
Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, but on the downside, it will clog pores and induce acne.
Likewise, most of the products available in the market can only do either one of those tasks
efficiently, which give hemp seed oil a drastic advantage over other skincare products.

Hemp Oil Plummets Inflammation
The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil are widely known. The regular intake of hemp oil
reduces inflammation and aid with chronic pain.
In addition to that, the anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial to your skin too. While
some inflammation once in a while is nothing to be worried about since it is a natural response of
our body, it is a problem if it becomes chronic.
Omega-3 and Omega-6 will help minimize the effects of inflammation.
Hemp oil cleanses skin
damage your skin with prolonged use.
Hemp oil cleanses your skin, killing all the bacteria and fungus sitting in the pores.

As you know, your sweat naturally doesn’t smell bad. It is the bacteria present in our skin that
makes it smell. Getting rid of the microbes will make you feeling and smelling fresh and clean.
Hemp oil repairs Psoriasis and Eczema

Though this is linked with inflammation, the benefits of hemp oil in treating eczema and
psoriasis need a separate mention due to the severity of the ailments.
Chronic inflammation leads to Psoriasis, Eczema and Lichen planus.
The anti-inflammatory properties present in omega-3 and omega-6 helps you fight against it.

Hemp Oil Delays Ageing
The linoleic acids or commonly known as "fatty acids" are generously present in hemp seed oil.
The benefits of essential fatty acids on the skin are crucial in keeping the skin healthy and

Hemp oil reduces wrinkles
Hemp seed oil promotes the secretion of collagen and elastin; keeping your skin wrinkle-free and

Hemp Oil Oxygenates Skin
The vitamin E present in hemp oil is responsible for the production of red blood cells. The
moderated nitrous oxide rendering through arginine, an amino acid, results in dilation of blood
vessels and promotes proper healthier blood flow.
Proper flow of blood ensures improved oxygenation and a regular supply of nutrients to your

Hemp Oil is Suitable for Most Skin Types
People have different skin types. Some people with combination skin require different products
for different parts of their face.
Hemp oil is all-natural and contains no known allergens so people with any skin type can enjoy
its benefits.

It tends to work on almost all types of skin. Since it is easy-going on the skin it can be used by
people of all ages.
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5 Advantages of Using Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin

Advantages of Using Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin

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