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Welcome to Cure By Design your destination for premium hemp and CBD products designed to enhance your well-being naturally. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality items sourced from reputable suppliers. Whether you’re seeking the benefits of CBD for you or your fur companion, exploring the nutritional value of hemp seeds, or indulging in hemp-infused personal care and aromatherapy, our shop is your gateway to a world of wellness possibilities.

Hemp Seed Nutrition: A Nutrient-Packed Superfood

Before we dive into our range of CBD products, let’s explore the nutritional powerhouse that is hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are not only delicious but also highly nutritious.

They are:

Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids: Hemp seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are vital for heart health, brain function, and reducing inflammation.

High in Protein: Hemp seeds are a complete protein source, containing all nine essential amino acids. They’re an ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans looking to increase their protein intake.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals: Hemp seeds contain an array of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc, supporting overall health.

Fiber-Rich: Hemp seeds are a good source of dietary fiber, aiding digestion and promoting a feeling of fullness.

Antioxidant Properties: They contain antioxidants like vitamin E and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that help combat oxidative stress.

Incorporating hemp seeds into your diet can be as simple as sprinkling them on salads, yogurt, or smoothies, or using them as a crunchy topping for various dishes.

Hemp & CBD for Pets: Elevate Your Pet’s Well-Being

At Cure By Design  we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family, and their well-being is of utmost importance. That’s why we offer a range of hemp and CBD products specifically designed to enhance the health and happiness of your furry companions.

Hemp Seed Oil for Pets:

Our hemp seed oil for pets is a nutritional powerhouse that provides essential fatty acids to support their overall health. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it helps maintain a glossy coat and healthy skin. Simply add a few drops to your pet’s food for a nutritious boost.

CBD Oil for Pets:

Our CBD oil for pets is available in two formulations, each tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs(MCT & Hemp Seed Oil)

CBD Oral Oil: This oral oil offers the potential benefits of CBD in an easy-to-administer form. It’s perfect for promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and supporting overall well-being.

CBD Topical Spray: For targeted relief, our CBD topical spray can be applied directly to your pet’s skin to soothe discomfort and irritations.

Hemp & Balms for Pets:

Our Hemp & CBD-infused balms are carefully crafted to provide localized pain relief and skin support for your pets. They are safe to lick, making them an ideal choice for pets who may ingest topical products.

Tick Spray for Pets:

Keep your furry friends protected from ticks and other pests with our hemp-infused and water-based tick spray. This natural solution helps prevent tick infestations while keeping your pets comfortable and itch-free.

Hemp and CBD products for pets offer a natural and effective way to enhance the quality of life for your beloved animals. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the right products and dosages for your pets’ unique requirements.

Hemp-Infused Aromatherapy: Elevate Your Senses and Wellness

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to wellness, and our hemp-infused aromatherapy products take it to the next level. Explore the world of natural scents and relaxation with our carefully curated selection of 13 unique blends developed by naturopathy doctors. Each blend is crafted to address specific conditions and enhance your overall well-being.

  1. Migraine:

Our Migraine Relief blend combines the soothing power of hemp with carefully selected essential oils to help alleviate headaches and promote relaxation during migraine episodes.

  1. Anxiety

Find tranquility and calmness with our Anxiety Ease blend, designed to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Inhale the soothing scents and experience a sense of peace.

  1. PMScape

Our PMS Comfort blend offers relief from the discomfort and mood swings associated with PMS. Embrace balance and relaxation during your monthly cycle.

  1. Sinus:
    Breathe easy with our Sinus Support blend, created to clear nasal passages and relieve congestion. Inhale the refreshing aroma for sinus relief.
  2. Sleep Assisting:

Enjoy restful nights with our Sleep Serenity blend. Let the calming scents of hemp and essential oils guide you into a peaceful slumber.

  1. Travel Aid

Say goodbye to motion sickness with our Motion Sickness Relief blend. Inhale the soothing aroma to ease nausea and discomfort during travel.

  1. Cold Relief:

Boost your immune system with our Cold & Flu Defense blend, formulated to provide relief from cold and flu symptoms. Inhale the invigorating scents for respiratory comfort.

  1. Motivation:

Get motivated and stay focused with our Motivation Boost blend. Inhale the energizing scents to revitalize your mind and enhance productivity.

  1. Romance:

Set the mood for romance with our Romance & Intimacy blend. Ignite passion and sensuality with the alluring aroma.

  1. Hangover:

Recover from a night out with our Hangover Relief blend. Inhale the revitalizing scents to ease headaches and nausea.

  1. Digestion:

Promote digestive comfort with our Digestive Harmony blend. Inhale the soothing scents to ease stomach discomfort and bloating.

  1. Stress:

Combat stress and find inner peace with our Stress Relief blend. Inhale the calming scents to relax your mind and body.

  1. Relaxation:

Unwind and de-stress with our Relaxation Retreat blend. Inhale the tranquil scents to create a serene atmosphere.

Hemp-infused aromatherapy products offer a natural way to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and address specific wellness concerns. Each blend is carefully formulated to provide you with the support you need, no matter the situation.

Elevate Your Personal Care Routine with Hemp-Infused Goodness

At Cure By Design we believe that self-care is an essential part of your wellness journey. That’s why we’ve crafted a selection of premium personal care products infused with the natural goodness of hemp. Indulge in the luxurious experience of nourishing your skin and hair while promoting overall well-being.

Hemp-Infused Shampoos and Conditioners:

Our hemp-infused shampoos and conditioners are carefully formulated to cleanse and revitalize your hair while providing essential nutrients. Experience the benefits of hemp for stronger, shinier locks with a natural glow.

Gentle Face Washes with Hemp Seed Oil:

Our gentle face washes with hemp seed oil is designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized. Hemp seed oil is known for its soothing properties, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Hydrating Lip Balm with Hemp Seed Oil:

Our hydrating lip balm is enriched with hemp seed oil to provide your lips with the nourishment they need. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and embrace softness and comfort.

Nourishing Body Butter with Hemp Infusion:

Pamper your skin with our nourishing body butter, infused with the hydrating and soothing benefits of hemp. Enjoy smooth, silky skin and a luxurious touch of indulgence.

Hemp Face & Hair Serum:

Our versatile hemp face & hair serum is a game-changer. This multi-purpose serum can be used to add shine to your hair or provide a boost of moisture to your skin. It’s a must-have addition to your daily routine.

Our personal care products are crafted with care and quality in mind. We understand the importance of choosing products that align with your wellness goals, and we are committed to providing you with the best.

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