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Let your mind relax without any tension! Cure By Designs Holistic Healing Blends used to relax your muscles and mind to retain all the energy back! Relax all the way with Hemp Seed Oil, Bergamot Oil, Clary Sage Oil, and Frankincense Oil and bring back the lost relax-ness in your mind!

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Organic Healing with India’s Best Hemp curated Products! 

Unable to relax? Is life trauma bothering you too much? Struggling with stress? – Multiple Questions, One Answer, Therapeutic Healing Blend for Relaxation. 

Keeping in mind your hectic-busy lifestyle, Cure By Design cares to curate products for you to Relax fully to restore the energy you spent! 

Not only healing you with an alternative to relax but also the product is 100% Organic & Vegan. 

Get Rid of Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Migraine, Sinus, and many more with just the wide range of products offered by Cure By Design. 

Relax Soulfully, Heal your world, Holistically, Organically! 

Therapeutic Healing Blend for Relaxation with extreme naturality, nowhere Synthetic! 


Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 cm

10 ML, 30 ML

7 reviews for Relaxation

  1. Suresh Monteiro (verified owner)

  2. suresh monteiro (verified owner)

  3. N

    Having followed updates on hemp and CBD based startup, I found Cure By Design last year. I had tried their Hemp Healing Balm (Calming). Relaxation Roll On and Sleep Assisting Roll On.

    While I have a good word for all, this one is specifically for the Relaxation Oil, which really worked wonderfully.
    How it works : On busy days, I have just applied it behind my ears and wrist & taken a whiff of it. When I absolutely cannot focus and I’m staying home, I massage my face with it and it makes me breathe well, like it has cleared the breathing pathway.
    Fragrance & Texture : Sits lightly on skin. Non greasy. It smells aromatic, strong and pleasant. It does not irritate the eyes, but it may feel uncomfortable if it would go inside, like with anything oily. So be mindful of how you apply.
    Duration : Lasts long, about 4 to 5 months. Might last for a short time, if applied multiple times a day, daily.

    It is a definite calming blend and I recommend this product.

  4. Aashish Mehta

    Absolutely divine and healing aroma

  5. Piyush (verified owner)

    It’s so good it makes me want to keep breathing deeply.

  6. Parna Roy (verified owner)

    This a really awesome product, the smell is good, has a good calming effect!

  7. Kavitha G. (verified owner)

    This works subtly but definitely helps.

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