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Organic Healing Hemp Balm – Infused with 2000mg CBD

Organic Healing Hemp Balm – Infused with 2000mg CBD

(13 customer reviews)


With the right amount of CBD in it, Cure By Design’s Healing Balm will heal you the way it should! Give yourself a chance to heal your issues organically. (mention muscles and nerve issues)

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Going Natural and Organic for every possible suffering is Cure By Design’s slogan! 

Organic Hemp Balm is a proven alternative for Pain Killers! This salve is not only just Very effortless to use but also heals faster! 

Cure By Design’s organic Hemp Balm is made from all-natural ingredients infused with 2000mg of CBD isolate for holistic healing for your pain. This solution gifts your skin with a soothing sensation while CBD is getting quickly absorbed into it for better effectiveness within just a few minutes after applying it. 

This salve is THC Free,100% Organic, and Gluten-free aids with muscle pain and recovery! Blended with various essential oils to give you and your pain extra nourishment. 

This product is especially beneficial for those who suffer from joint and muscle pain on an everyday basis. Apply it on the bare skin and massage it for few seconds to witness the absence of pain with regular usage. 


Dimensions 6.8 × 6.8 × 3 cm

13 reviews for Organic Healing Hemp Balm – Infused with 2000mg CBD

  1. Abhay K

    Very effective and value for money.

    I have used other brands as well as my mother suffers from arthritis and joint pain, it has the same effect as the others but a lot more cost affective.

  2. Pramod Shankar (verified owner)

    Hi. I suffer from a great deal of neural pain due to my ALS condition. I started using the Organic Hemp Balm and Pain Relief Oil a month ago, and I have experienced a definite relief. Thanks to Cure BY Design. In the future, I plan to use more curing products from this company.

  3. Ritwik Bose

    My mother has been using this balm for the last 4 days and her leg pain and swelling has really reduced a lot.
    Great product but a little expensive.

  4. Purnima Singh (verified owner)

    Yes it’s truly great pain relievers n making its work better than any painkillers.

  5. Afshaan Mansoor (verified owner)

    It’s a great product helped with my knee pain

  6. Mandakini Gupta (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful. I have a torn tendon in my shoulder and this balm is a god sent for the pain & inflammation. I actually prefer it to the over the counter anti inflammatory gels in the market

  7. Aashish Mehta

    My grandmother suffers a lot from pins and needles, we have tried multiple treatment from acupuncture to acupressure, hemopathy and even ayurvedic oils, nothing seemed to help her manage the pain.
    Until we met Cure By Design at JW Marriott and came across this miracle balm, it has been over 2 months and my grandmother has been using the balm 3 to 4 times a day and it has definitely help her with pain and even brought back sensation to her fingers, amazed it is still lasted.
    Ordering my second CBD balm and the aroma blends now.
    Thank you and god bless you

  8. Prishila Roy (verified owner)

    I had bought this for my mother’s arthritis. Definitely helped her with the pain and it has even helped her with her spondylitis pain. But this was expected, as per the reviews.
    I met with an accident a month back, which broke my knee cap, and I had to get surgery for it. On a whim, during my second week of recovery, I applied this balm (not on the surgery spot, but surrounding muscles) since my muscles were feeling particularly stiff that day and the pain was also getting difficult to manage even with painkillers. To my surprise it gave me relief within minutes. Soreness and stiffness from my muscles had gone by evening that day, pain had reduced, and even my physiotherapist acknowledged that there was significant improvement in the flexibility of those muscles.
    It’s been a month now since my surgery, and I still go back to the balm once in a while, it has been a blessing during this difficult time. Can’t thank cure by design enough for this balm.

  9. Noorain

    I had hurt my back after lots of painkillers and different things this balm really helped Me get relief. Great for any pain .
    A must try for people with pain in joints or muscle for sure 😊.

  10. Sontalia M

    Has really helped my mothers back and joint stiffness and also reduced her skin eczema.

  11. Jasleen (verified owner)

    Hi, I ordered this balm as my mom has arthritis, slip disc,cervical since 7-8 yrs.She daily uses one or the other gel for her pain..I came across this website I had some questions regarding the balm to which they answered very patiently..my mom is using this product & their is a huge relief in her pain. You can just go for it ..thank you so much for making a product like this which is safe to use& most importantly it’s chemical free

  12. Sunita Sablok (verified owner)


  13. Nirupa (verified owner)

    I find the Organic Hemp Balm useful in managing joint pain …am growing to trust and rely on this product …thank you lots for products like this, Cure by Design !!

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