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Hemp Oil for Equine 3000mg CBD

Hemp Oil for Equine 3000mg CBD


Our  Hemp  Oil for Horses with 3000mg CBD is 100% organic, natural, and vegan and perfect for your horse’s health.

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With only two active ingredients, you won’t need to worry about any unhealthy ingredients! All of our products are non GMOs, preservatives, additives, or synthetic free.

Giving your horse daily doses of CBD is a great way to quickly and effectively provide calming, soothing relief.

You can add CBD oil to your horse’s daily feed or treats by mixing them with hemp oil drops or administering the oil orally.

Our products are designed for breeds of all types and ages to promote general wellness and a better quality of life.

It is also Highly Palatable and Highly Digestible with 0 THC.


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