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Hemp Hearts Vs Whole Hemp seeds

Hemp Hearts Vs Whole Hemp seeds

Hemp Hearts Vs Whole Hemp Seeds

hemp seed vs hemp hearts

The benefits of hemp have been known to humankind for a very long time. Hemp along with
Neem, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Tulasi are considered as the five sacred plants in Vedas, written
as early as 2000 to 1400 BC.
One of the reasons why our ancestors considered hemp to be sacred is due to its inexhaustible
medicinal properties. Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious. They are rich in proteins, fiber,
essential fatty acids along with various other nutrients. Hemp seeds are the one of the very few
plant-based foods to contain all the 9 essential amino acids. They presence of omega-6 and
omega-3 in the optimal ratio of 3:1 makes it a better, vegan alternative to fish oil.
Hemp seeds usually come in two different variants – Whole Hemp Seeds and Hemp Hearts.
Differences between Hemp Hearts and Whole Hemp Seeds
Hemp hearts is the variant where the external crispy shell of the whole hemp seeds is removed.
They are also known as Hulled hemp seeds, Shelled Hemp seeds and hemp nuts. CBD’s hemp
hearts are made by removing the hemp shells in an all natural process without involving heat to
make sure the seeds retain all their nutritional properties. Hemp hearts are produced to make the
consumption of hemp seeds easier to the consumers as they are not used to eating highly fibrous
foods. But, when the seeds are shelled, they lose some of the nutrients that are only present in
Whole hemp seed is the variant in which the shells are still intact. While the hemp hearts are
soft and chewy, whole hemp seeds are crispy and fibrous. While getting rid of the hemp shells
there are certain fibrous and nutritional properties are lost. With our current lifestyle, it is hard to
find foods with high fiber content due to our overconsumption of processed foods.
Even though whole hemp seeds are more nutritious and fibrous than hemp hearts, they remain
relatively unknown. The prime reason is that not a lot of companies sell Whole Hemp Seeds.
Though they are an undefeated source of minerals they do contain some disadvantages… like the
shells getting stuck in your teeth. But the advantages far exceed the disadvantages.
The shell contains a rare insoluble fiber that aids your digestion, which is not present in Hemp
What You Should Buy?
Hemp hearts and Whole hemp hearts both have their own advantages. Hemp heart is more
appealing and it goes well with lot foods like smoothies, salads or you can even eat a couple of
spoons of hemp hearts as snacks. It is favored by people who want to add something to their diet
that is nutritious as well as easy to eat. Some people argue that the shelling of hemp seeds adds

more nutrients to your diet, because getting rid of the shells tends to increase the portion size that
you consume.
On the other hand, Whole hemp seeds provide you with more nutrients. Nutrients that is lost
when the hemp seeds are shelled. Elimination of shells might sometimes even damage the seeds.
More than that, the soluble and insoluble fiber content that is present in the hulls will aid with
Choosing between Hemp Hearts and Whole Hemp Seeds should be based on your preferences. If
you are okay with sacrificing a few nutrients for more chewiness, you might go with Hemp
If you are looking for something that is not as popular as widely sold by everyone as Hemp
hearts, but you are looking to get all the precious nutrients that are lost in during shelling, buy
Whole Hemp Seeds.
Needless to say they are both excellent sources of nutrition.
Hemp seeds are cold-pressed to produce 100% natural Hemp oil. Check our blog to learn more
about the benefits of Hemp oil.


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