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10 benefits of using hemp oil

10 benefits of using hemp oil

10 Benefits of Using Hemp Oil

The earliest record of cultivation of hemp dates back to 10,000 BC in China. Though they started
off by harnessing the fibre it provided for clothing, soon enough people found out that the
wonder plant had a plethora of applications.
Around 6,000 BC they found that when hemp oil had countless medicinal values and they made
it a regular addition to their tea.
It is evident that we have been using hemp oil in the past, but the stigma surrounding hemp and
the lack of awareness of the difference between hemp and marijuana has strayed people away
replenishing hemp to take advantage of all the benefits it provides.
Luckily, the recent legalization of industrial hemp by many countries has got people curious to
rediscover the merits of consuming hemp.
While hemp oil has a luxury of advantages, we have brought to you the top 10 benefits that, we
thought, might help you.
Top 10 Benefits of Hemp Oil:
Hemp Oil Fights Cancer
Now, we are not sure if hemp can cure cancer, but it is often prescribed to cancer patients as it
significantly reduces the symptoms of cancer. Hemp oil consumption is better than smoking
cannabis as smoking cannabis can be taxing on your throat.
To add to that, hemp oil increases appetite. Cancer patients usually suffer from loss of appetite as
a side effect of chemotherapy. Hemp takes care of it by increasing appetite as well as providing
them with essential nutrients.
Hemp oil Controls Anxiety
A study conducted by NCBI found that the use of hemp has resulted in decreased anxiety.
NCBI states, "Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and
discomfort in their speech performance, and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory
Hemp Oil helps Heart
Hemp contains ample amount of arginine, an amino acid that is responsible for the production of
Nitrous oxide in our body. Nitrous oxide is responsible for decreasing the constriction of blood
vessels and promoting healthier blood flow to the heart.
The GLA present in hemp oil reduces inflammation, protecting you against various
cardiovascular diseases.

Hemp Oil Controls Epilepsy and Seizures
Hemp oil has been traditionally used to epilepsy. Epilepsy affects more than 65 million people.
The regular usage of hemp oil has found to gradually reduce the frequency and impact of seizure.
Hemp oil has found to control seizures along with many other benefits for our furry friends too.
Click here to read more about the benefits of using hemp oil for pets.
Hemp oil aids with PTSD and Insomnia
Due to its natural calming properties, hemp oil is often suggested for people who suffer from
PTSD related ailments. Insomnia caused due to PTSD is also treated with this.
Most people choose hemp oil to treat PTSD related symptoms as hemp oil has no side effects
like prescription drugs, which can be quite damaging to your body.
Hemp Oil helps with Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis is a dreadful disease that affects the spinal cord and interferes with almost
every aspect of life including painful spasms regularly.
A study conducted by NCBI has found hemp oil to reduce the pain and spasticity related to
Multiple Sclerosis.
Hemp Oil Treats Chronic Pain
With the spreading awareness about the medicinal properties of hemp, people have started using
hemp oil to treat chronic pain.
Historically, people have been using hemp to treat chronic pain, but the reason why it works has
been unknown. Recent studies have found that the anti-inflammatory property observed in hemp
is the reason why it is an effective treatment against chronic pain.
It is only a matter of time before a large number of people turn to hemp oil to treat chronic pain.

Hemp Relieves Stress
While we have already talked about the calming properties of hemp in respect to reducing
anxiety and PTSD, we feel, it is equally important to mention the stress-relieving factors of hemp
The calming effect of hemp oil is known to us for a long time. The Chinese drank tea infused
with hemp oil as due to its amazing calming properties.
This, after centuries, is being favoured among people to help with stress.

Hemp Oil Boosts Hair Growth
Hemp oil boasts the perfect 3:1 ratio of essential omega fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3,
providing the essential nourishment for hair growth.
GLA and ceramides present in hemp oil helps retain protein and moisture in the hair. They also
improve blood circulation in scalp to make your hair look healthy and shiny.
Hemp Oil Helps Your Skin
Ever since the legalization of industrial hemp, one industry that has seen surplus growth in
hemp-based products is the cosmetics sector.
The hemp seed is widely known for its hydrating properties. Hemp oil moisturizes the skin
without clogging the pores, promoting the secretion of collagen and elastin, keeping your skin
free from wrinkles.
Read our blog know more about the influence of vitamins and fatty acids present in hemp oil for
the overall benefit of your skin.
If you are not convinced yet, maybe this will change your mind.
Why Hemp Oil?
Hemp also doubles up as a vegan alternative to fish oil. Fish oil contains mercury and other
metallic waste and it destroys the already fragile marine ecosystem.
There are plenty of other products that can provide you with the nutrients you need, but hemp is
one of the very few plant-based that contains all the 9 essential amino acids.
While being eco-friendly and sustainable, hemp consumes more oxygen than any other plant
leaving a positive impact on the environment.

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